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Raw Oats, Fruit and Greek Yogurt
thank god i have a kitchen this year. and no meal plan = no crappy processed dining hall food. perfect timing.

Black Bean Burrito

White Pizza

Coconut Curry and Miso Gravy Bowls

what happens when there’s birthday cake in the house.

just went to my fridge to get something, anything cold because it’s so hot in my room. this is how it went:

me: la di la di laaa *walks up to fridge*

me: hm, whats good up in hurr? *searches going down to up*

me: mmm light and fit strawberry yogurt. delicious. what else? *keeps moving eyes up* oh, shit. red velvet cake … *seriously considers it*

me: well, maybe … this would be tasty right now. how fat would i get if i ate it? *turns cake around to see nutritional value*

me: OH SHIT! demon cake. *grabs yogurt and runs*