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Late Night Workout

Had a soccer game earlier. We won … 3-0 I think. Just had a late workout session. Did a little cardio, some lifting, and an abs/core workout (tried some of those ones in the Erin Simmons video). Now I’m showered & had a little snack. Basically, I’m sleeping like a baby tonight. I love night workouts.

Feeling good. Feeling great! Goodnight, guys.

Goals & Motivation on Campus

So admittedly, I can feel my motivation slipping as I get more stressed about schoolwork and other problems in my life. I’m eating more and more junk food, but also working out less. I can notice the change in my body and my mood, because I never have energy and in general just feel like shit. First semester I had rugby, fitness goals, and healthy food to keep me in check. But now, I have none of these things. So right now I am going to take the initiative to set some fitness goals for myself for the rest of the semester that might also adjust my disposition:

  • 100 push-up challenge
  • Start Clarence Culpepper sprints and finish program
  • Lose 10-15 lbs of fat, Gain muscle. (Tone & strengthen in general)
  • Devote more time/effort to watching what I eat
  • Spend less money on alcohol & more money on healthy food, workout clothes, & pampering myself
  • Cut out all junk food & red meats again
  • Be just as healthy or even more healthy than I was this summer

<3 I’m excited to get off my ass and back on track starting tonight/tomorrow.


at practice today. they were brutal. we had to sprints too, but clearly we’re out of shape or else it wouldn’t be so bad. keep trucking.

thoroughly enjoy when i’m lifting heavier than the adult male standing next to me in the gym.

my grandmother died 8 years ago from cancer. i still think about her everyday. she’s the strongest woman i ever knew and pretty much everything i do is to make her proud. RIP mama.
if you know someone who survived cancer please give them a hug for me because that’s amazing. they deserve it! ♡

that awkward moment when you’ve lost so much weight that you’re sports bras don’t fit you anymore.

I’m so proud of you


For those who have worked hard today.

I’m proud of you. 

For those who have realized that you must make a change.

I’m proud of you.

For those who failed today but have committed to try harder.

I’m proud of you.

For those of you who are proud of yourselves. 

You have the right to have pride in everything you have accomplished so far.

I’m going to go ahead and dedicate this to myself because I went to practice even though my mom basically tried to shut me into the house … it rained the entire time we did exhausting fitness … i finished fitness amongst people who could ONCE run circles around me … and I still left with a bright and shining attitude. I’m proud of myself. Go me :)

And go YOU to anyone else who is proud of themselves today.

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fb status: “summary of rugby practice tonight … rain? exfoliating. lightning? paparazzi. Boston Women’s? fabulous. the end.”

rugby practice tonight was amazing. my mom is pissed but i don’t regret it at all. :) we ran a mile - did plyo’s between each quarter mile for a minute. then we did rucking/fitness drills all night and it was fabulous. now, i’m going to take a shower and have snack, then relaaaaax. i’m happy.

what happens when there’s birthday cake in the house.

just went to my fridge to get something, anything cold because it’s so hot in my room. this is how it went:

me: la di la di laaa *walks up to fridge*

me: hm, whats good up in hurr? *searches going down to up*

me: mmm light and fit strawberry yogurt. delicious. what else? *keeps moving eyes up* oh, shit. red velvet cake … *seriously considers it*

me: well, maybe … this would be tasty right now. how fat would i get if i ate it? *turns cake around to see nutritional value*

me: OH SHIT! demon cake. *grabs yogurt and runs*

i’m taking my supplements in my sleep now. i usually hate taking pills but it doesn’t bother me anymore. its really helping my progress, energy, digestion, attitude, and everything.

p.s. my fan is haunted or possessed. or just broken … idk.

i’m getting lots of compliments today! i’m actually shocked.

i was going to get my hair done but i decided not to. i’ll save my money and do it next week. but now, i’m showered, dressed and looking pretty extra pretty for no reason haha. i’ll go buy art supplies at CVS for the signs I’m going to make.

next week i’m going to see the Boston Breakers play the DC MagicJack.

that means Abby, Megan, Hope, Shannon, Kelly, and BEST OF ALL AMYYYYY aka LeP!!!

i will probably incorporate my Justin Bieber cutout into her poster somehow lol how perfect. it shall be AMAZING.

So my supervisor at my internship just told me they’re taking pictures of us for an article in Imagine Magazine tomorrow. The picture could possibly be featured. OMG. First of all, I really need to get my hair done because it looks a mess. But what should I wear?